quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012


Last night,on 12/12/12 I went in Parkour training, after giving 6 classes and 1 training for performance. First thing I did was warmp up it in the ADAPT method, like I learned. I did some exercises in Monkey Run, and QM, QM backword, I remembered that I don't like to keep repeating many times (my fault) and then created a route with these 3 exercises for me to not only keep repeating the exercise, but the whole route. Then I started walking on the roots of a tree with tip toes and made 40 controlled precision. had a root a little further back, but I was not quite getting it. So I dropped a little. After that I went to train with the staff, they were training type dash, but had a U-shaped handrail then put his hand on the parallel bars to pick up and drive flew over the bar without touching another. Therein began separating the girls and boys, they always side helping, but going faster and stronges for girls always get a helping and giving strength to the other.
When we was starting the cooling down, I told that I wanna do a precision but I was scare, so if soeone wanna try with me. One guy told for us do 25, so the challenge was do 25 precisions (Go from point A to B, and come back from A to A, so had 1 point) and 5 bonus further. We started, if the precision dont was perfect we try again again and again until be perfect, if someone do wrong the others say "PPEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIMMMM" for show that was wrong. First I try, after me, Yukino and after was Nathalie, so we can count 1, If someone delay we had wait. Start Together Finish Together. We were talking about it, dedicating the precisions to someone who wanted it and was beginning to give us strength. It was when I saw one of our friends making precision landing with feet wide apart and told her for close, she said she cannot, when she try already separated.  So I commented about a workout I did with feet tied. And I said "You know what? Why only speak about 'one day ...' , Let's do it!!! And they thinking that this is crazy, but like and started try. Was the thing would become much more difficult, but the idea was on the air, so they all had to try after a few we were just proud to see another jumping, that was when I saw a friend smoking, I don't really enjoy it, but each with their problems, and pitched the idea 'This one goes to ::: stop smoking!' and played strong and hit another precision, as far as I was not getting it, but got it in this time, then I came back! gave a point to tell the other girls enjoyed the idea, then he came and started training with us but not for long time and then we come back in game of precision to dedicate someone to give us strength. We remind the friends we made in ADAPT course we was talking: "That goes to Stephane because he taught to make silent precision, this goes to the Dom who taught us many new exercises and much important information, this goes to Ji Ho because he was very good person with us and is very funny, this goes to Sinn Woowon because he trained very hard with us and is an example of respect! this goes to Hyemin because I want her to learn to speak English to talk with us, etc..." until we haven't for who send the next precision and fatigue and leg pain (getting his foot stuck) starting to take over and then we started dedicate for "The ice cream that I should not have taken,  the food from Pizza Hut that was optimal ...",

And it getting my attention, when I was doing already see the precision with feet together for more far, closer but to make no noise, all started as a joke became a thanks giving for the "Tree that gave us this training" "People who do not throw trash on the ground" "earth and grass that soften our fall" " People who help us always "" Family ... "and so it was. When we expected were less in number 25, we did party hahaha go everywhere! we arrange the shoes making the feet free and it was time to make the 5 bonus farther, first jump and VIIIIIIIIIIGIIIIII !!! First terrible feeling! The feet were so straights, together each other, and such precision controlled, they can now be separated! Now need to do more strength to control! Anyway, we got a lot of guts to do the 5 further and made to last for thank the workout, then did another, the three together and we train the cooling down to go home. This workout was inspired by ADAPT which was very good and important for the evolution of each of the encounter with the Dom and that Stephane taught us many things coming from personal experience with Parkour and video Annty Marais "by three Movement", first because I'm already super fan of hers and second because the video is a very good idea to train with friends!
PS: The training lasted 1 hour, accuracies were really controlled and with many attempts today and leg pain too much shauhsuahsuahsuahsa MUCH LOVE!
Thanks for reading this far =)

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